Living Green

Is Solar Power Right for Your Farm?

The owner of a farm that had recently installed a system told her local newspaper, "One of the interesting things about having solar power is you don't get an electric bill every month any more." She added, "It's really fun to see the meter go backward, instead of forward.”

Poop Power

Manure may be a smelly drawback to owning horses, but with continuous research into green energy sources, there has been a rise in interest in harnessing those gases that so offend the nose. 

Anaerobic digesters take in the manure and blend it in a large tank with bacteria, leaving it to decompose. As it does, methane is formed. Methane, like other natural gases, can power gas turbines for electricity generation or be burned for heat.  Another way of harnessing manure’s potential energy is to create biodiesel.

What Green Energy Technology is Right for You?

Perhaps you have a barn or horse-run-in shed that is located too far from your electric service? Or perhaps you’d like to take advantage of natural resources already on your farm like manure, wind, sun or a fast flowing stream? Maybe think that you should do your part to cut your fossil-fuel use and reduce your carbon footprint? Or do you simply want to save money?


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