Why Equestrian Properties Are More Difficult to Sell

Selling real estate has always been a numbers game.  The more people a property appeals to, the more likely it is to be shown. And the more often it is shown, the more likely it will sell.  Horse Properties are no different.  But because they appeal to a much smaller pool of prospective buyers than usual residential properties, they can be much more difficult to sell.

The trick is to expand this pool of prospective buyers by giving your property the widest exposure possible. Because many buyers of high-end properties are researching areas as well as properties, Luxequestrian’s nation exposure can help.
Also, be prepared for issues cropping up after you have found a buyer. It is often more difficult for a buyer to obtain financing on an equestrian property.  Banks understand this smaller pool of prospective buyers will make the property more difficult for them to sell if they are forced to foreclose. Another hurdle is that bank’s appraisers often do not consider the added value of equestrian facilities when valuing a property. (See more information.)
Luxequestrian’s network of realtors includes the “equestrian-property experts” in major horse areas. They have the expertise and connections to work for you.
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