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If you own an equestrian property that you plan to sell, you are well aware of the hurdles ahead. In today’s real estate market, successfully marketing an equestrian property is more difficult than ever. And finding creative ways to reach interested buyers is required. That’s why you should consider working with Luxequestrian. With over a quarter-of-a-billion-dollars of properties already added, Luxequestrian is quickly becoming the premier website for maximum exposure to the proper national buyer pool. There is absolutely no fee to you.

We’ll introduce you to the leading equestrian real estate broker in your area who is best suited to sell your property. Our network of realtors includes the “equestrian-property experts” in major horse areas. They have the expertise and connections to work for you.

Plus your listing will be beautifully and prominently displayed on Luxequestrian. That’s especially important because high-end buyers often search nationwide, and Luxequestrian is quickly becoming the preferred web destination for prospective buyers from around the country. Your property will stand out from the crowd of the hundreds of websites and publications marketing equestrian properties.  Plus viewers will keep coming back for magazine-style features on exciting horse people, and their lives, fabulous farms, fashion, décor, travel and so much more.

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