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Welcome Realtors,
We all know that in today’s difficult real estate market, finding creative ways to reach interested buyers is more valuable than ever.
If you have high-quality equestrian property listings, we would like to offer you the opportunity to display your properties on Luxequestrian. With over a quarter-of-a-billion-dollars of properties already added, Luxequestrian is quickly becoming the premier website for maximum exposure to the appropriate buyer-demographic nation-wide.
Placing property listings on Luxequestrian.com are absolutely free.* You have nothing to lose, and you pay nothing until you close a sale to a customer, or gain and sell a listing from a client who was referred to you by Luxequestrian. A referral fee is paid upon sale, due upon closing.
With 88% of today’s buyers searching for properties on the internet, your property listings will stand out from the crowd of the hundreds of websites and publications marketing equestrian properties. Plus, viewers will return to Luxequestrian.com for magazine-style features on exciting horse people, and their lives, fabulous farms, fashion, décor, travel and so much more.
Sell your listings:
High search-engine rankings, national advertising and magazine-style content will draw prospective buyers to your listings on the new leading national equestrian real estate website. Luxequestrian is continuously revamped with new featured properties, articles, and points of interest for the equestrian property owner. Not only does this encourage interest and traffic to the website, but provides your properties with greater search result exposure to buyers. 
Delight your sellers:
Your clients will be impressed by the lavish and creative marketing treatment their properties receive. Wow them with the compelling presentation and maximum exposure.  And you can provide them with personalized links to their property on the Luxequestrian website.
Gain new listing clients:
Prospective sellers in your area will also look to Luxequestrian.  They will be referred to our Partners as the best choice for listing a unique equestrian property.           
Feature your properties!
*There is absolutely no fee for advertising Basic Listings on Luxequestrian. The only cost is a referral fee payable upon sale to a referral provided by Luxequestrian, due upon sale closing. Contact us for full details.


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