Miele Laundry Just for Horses

Power Wash

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to get your horse’s blanket, pads, and wraps clean in a regular washing machine? The weight of the blankets can cause the machine to break or flood, the hair can clog the machine and tangle into the heating elements, and the extra stains and dirt are often too tough for the domestic machine. All of this can shorten the life of the washing machine, the garments, and can adversely affect the health of the horse wearing unsanitary items, by encouraging the growth of fungal conditions and skin irritation.

Miele Professional, a German company, has answered customer demand with a line of commercial cleaning systems, which feature quick wash cycles, larger capacities, and stronger cleaning power. The largest machine is capable of cleaning three winter blankets in a single load, a great help for large stables with several horses.


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