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Los Angeles




Are you interested in renewable energy in Los Angeles? Thinking of putting solar panels on your house? Fascinated with wind power? Like the idea of a green roof? Why not optimize renewable energy by using a hybrid solution that incorporates wind, solar (pv), solar water heating and green roofs to reduce your carbon footprint and produce clean, renewable power for years to come. BITHENERGY provides renewable energy and engineering consulting services throughout the West Coast. 


Geotechnical Environmental Services Inc, Nevada and California


A ground source heat exchange (GSHE) system provides many advantages over standard methods to both the environment and your wallet by leveraging the earth's natural ability to heat and cool. As energy costs continue to rise and pollution concerns continue to be a hot topic, GSHE systems hold a solution to both concerns.


San Diego


Sullivan Solar Power, San Diego, CA


Generate your own energy rather than giving your money to a utility. During the day any solar power generated by your system that is not used within your home is routed to the utility grid for credit with the utility. When your solar power system sends excess power to the utility your meter actually spins “backwards” which generates credits on your account. As a solar power owner you will be considered a “customer generator” by the utility and the utility is required, by law, to purchase any excess solar power your system produces until your bill is eliminated. The cost of a solar power system is a fraction of what you will pay the utility over the years. Currently, you are throwing money away by sending the utility a check month after month, year after year.  

Santa Barbara

Built Green Resource Center, Santa Barbara, CA


The Built Green Resource Center offers information, advice, programs and classes on green building processes and materials. It showcases energy independence, water savings, and other sustainable building practices. The Resource Center is open to the public by appointment only.



Renewable Power Solutions, Northern California


Renewable Power Solutions (RPS) was established in 1998 to provide renewable energy solutions such as solar electric, wind and micro hydro power systems to help the public to become independent of the grid. Our commitment to the public is to design and install the solar electric system that best suits any family or business need.


West Coast Rubber Recycling, Hollister, CA


West Coast Rubber Recycling is one of the largest permitted scrap tire collectors, processors and tire derived product (TDP) manufacturers in California.  In 1999, West Coast Rubber Recycling (WCRR) began collecting and processing all sizes of scrap tires with the objective of "saving the planet one tire at a time."  The company has devoted a significant amount of time and research toward developing new and effective recycling methods, uses and creating markets.  GroundRubber products are manufactured using 100% California scrap tires and marketed through West Coast Rubber Recycling's subsidiary, GroundRubber Solutions.

Woodside/San Jose

SunRun, California


Mild and sunny, Woodside, CA is a great place for solar power. It makes a lot of sense, too. Upgrading your home to solar can help you take control of your electric costs.It's easier and more affordable than ever to make the switch. SunRun puts home solar power within your budget. It's a new kind of solar energy, where you buy solar electricity, not panels.How SunRun Works SunRun buys, installs, and takes care of the home solar system for you. You get to lock in your electric rates and buy clean electricity for your home.






Energy Conservation Services, Gainesville,  FL


ECS Solar Energy Systems, Inc is the oldest state licensed solar contracting company in Florida that specializes in the installation and maintenance of solar hot water, solar pool heating and solar electric systems. They are licensed for both Residential and Commercial Solar Systems. ECS is 100% owned and operated by Tom and Shirley Lane who have over 30 years experience in installing and servicing solar energy systems. ECS first started solar contracting in 1977 and is now the #1 solar electric company in Florida. As of the year 2002, ECS Solar has installed more solar electric systems over the last 15 years than ALL the solar companies in Georgia and Florida. They employ 15 full time technicians trained by International Solar Hall of Fame Inductee Tom Lane.




SDI Solar, North Palm Beach, FL


SDI Solar, Inc has been a leader in the solar installation and service industry for over 20 years. We are a master dealer/ distributor for Solar Development, Inc high quality solar water heating products and Aquatherm Industries premium pool heaters. We also install Sanyo, Mitsubishi, GE, Trina, and Solon photovoltaic equipment. As a pioneer in our field, we've been involved with all of the latest engineering and technological improvements that have made solar products practical and desirable for residential and commercial use today. We continually participate in professional and industry educational opportunities to stay informed, competitive, and customer oriented.




Long Island/The Hamptons

DA Solar, Long Island, NY


Current New York and Long Island solar incentives include generous rebates for solar electric and solar hot water systems.  When combined with Federal solar rebates your solar panel installation will be approximately 50% less because of the incentives!  Our solar installers will be happy to answer your questions and explain the benefits of solar power.  Simply fill out the form below and a certified solar installer will contact you by phone at your convenience.


Millbrook, NY


EBM Consulting Services, Millbrook, NY


EBM is an independent energy services firm with an emphasis on renewables and efficiency. We help our clients reach their goals to reduce energy consumption, reduce their costs, improve quality, and preserve the environment. We have three distinct areas of expertise that we offer: Energy Services, Consulting (which includes green building techniques), and all aspects of Renewable Energy (design and install).


Gladstone, NJ


Sunrise Solar Solutions, Englewood, NJ


Solar photovoltaic systems (PV) turn sunlight into usable electricity. The combination of high utility electric rates, federal, state & utility incentives, safe and reliable components, and abundant sunshine make PV a sensible, economical and forward thinking solution to today’s high energy costs.Our area pays some of the highest electric rates in the country, rising 5% to 6% a year for the past decade and over 25% in the last 3 years alone. By installing a solar electric system today, you guarantee that you will never pay more for that portion of your electric bill, no matter how high rates climb.




Neo Energy Solutions, Philadelphia, PA


Neo Energy Solutions offers comprehensive solutions to the planning, permitting, design and construction of wind farm development.  We are leaders in the field of wind turbine maintenance, both in Spain and the U.S.. We also support our clients in the design and development of photovoltaic installations.


Saratoga, NY


Saratoga Solar Energy, Saratoga, NY


It’s free, clean, and limitless… And it’s all yours when you go with a solar energy system from Suntrek Industries. Our innovative solar energy solutions make it easy for you to help protect the environment and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. In addition, our solar energy products give you year-round savings, protect you from rising energy costs, and boost your property’s value.  Whether you’re a homeowner, residential builder or a business, we have the solar energy products and services you need.  And they’re all custom-engineered with one goal in mind:  Harnessing the power of the sun for a better future.


Westchester, NY


Ross Solar Group LLC, New York/New Jersey/Connecticut


With our committed in-house design and installation team, Ross Solar Group can offer your home and business a full turnkey solar panel solution. Our efficient business model allows us to keep our solar roof panel systems competitively priced, while providing our customers with the highest-quality solar installations. Residential solar home owners receive the benefits of state cash rebates, a 30% federal tax credit, and the ability for net metering, or spinning your meter backwards.


Western NY


Buffalo Geothermal Heating, Buffalo, NY


Geothermal heating and cooling is the most economical, clean, non-polluting, proven heating and cooling technology available today. It will save you up to 70% of the cost of heating and cooling compared to a conventional system. For every unit of energy used to operate the system, 3 to 4 units of energy are produced. Geothermal heating and cooling uses a renewable energy resource available from your own property. Geothermal heating is flame-less, therefore producing no health and safety concerns as associated with fossil fuels.


Western PA


Astrum Solar, Youngstown, OH


Astrum Solar makes sure you get the most out of your solar panels: the most energy generated, the most return on your investment, the most beneficial environmental impact, and the most joy and pride each time you see a sunny day. Astrum Solar, the leading full-service residential solar provider headquartered in the Eastern U.S., provides a premier customer experience. We offer cutting edge technology, flexible purchasing options and superior client service at every stage of your transition to solar electricity.


New England




The Massachusetts Green Energy Fund, Massachusetts


The Massachusetts Green Energy Fund invests in a broad range of emerging power generation technologies, including photovoltaics, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, hydrogen generation, wind, wave, tidal, biomass, biodiesel, power control, power conditioning, engine design, and energy management and storage technologies. 


Fairfield County, CT


Total Green  LLC, Northeast, USA


TOTAL GREEN designs & installs Geothermal and Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems in the Northeast. Our focus is utilization of ‘DX’ (Direct Exchange) and Water Loop Geothermal Systems for residential and commercial properties. TOTAL GREEN’S experience extends from Commercial Structures To Churches, Residential Retrofits Dating Back to the 18th Century to Today’s Energy-Centric New Construction. TOTAL GREEN’S vast knowledge of building performance allows us to determine the best geothermal system for your application, structure and location.


Western MA


The Berkshire Wind Power Project, Berkshire, MA


The Berkshire Wind Project is the largest wind power initiative under construction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Owned and managed by the Berkshire Wind Power Cooperative Corporation, the project is a milestone for both the industry and the area.  After ten-plus years of careful planning and development, the vision of the Berkshires as a leader in clean, green, and renewable energy is coming to fruition with the Berkshire Wind Power Project leading the way.


Woodstock, VT


Prudent Living, Windsor, VT


The goal of sustainable design at Prudent Living is to design homes that reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources and to focus on building and renovating in a way that results in comfort and good health being combined with energy efficiency. 


The South


Aiken, NC


The Ridge at Chukker Creek, Aiken, SC


Here at the Ridge we have followed a "double green" approach. We followed a careful land use design method called "conservation planning" which enhances the quality of life for residents through maximizing the preservation of green space while simultaneously creating a comfortable, walkable community. Then we carefully selected builders who use our green building program to create beautiful, energy-efficient homes that cost 50-70% less to heat and cool. Want to pay no utility bill? Net Zero energy homes are being planned with the highest energy efficiency, geothermal heat pumps and photovoltaic panels, that can generate as much electricity as they use. 


Charlottesville, VA


Key Green Energy Solutions, Charlottesville, VA


Key Green Energy Solutions offers comprehensive Home Performance Assessments (home energy audits) to evaluate your home’s energy fitness.


Lexington, KY


The Kentucky Solar Partnership, Kentucky


The Kentucky Solar Partnership (KSP) was formed to give voice to members of our community who want the use of solar energy to flourish in our state. Our goals are to determine and break down barriers to the growth in number of solar installations in our state; generate informative resource materials; educate community and students on the benefits of solar energy use, and demonstrate with appropriate, safe, code approved solar installations.


Middleburg, VA


ECOOutfitters, USA


The "well" of fossil fuels will eventually run dry - but that will never be the case for solar energy in Virginia. From solar electric to solar pool heating to solar hot water, solar power saves a little bit of the environment every day. And renewable energy incentives in Virginia are sky high, meaning that giving back enables you to enjoy the ongoing financial benefits of solar power, too. Go green and reap the rewards of a home powered by the sun.


Southern Pines, SC


BuildThatGreen, Fayetville, NC


A residential green build coaching and publishing company serving primarily the southeast U.S. region. Since 1980, both nationally and overseas, we have planned and developed multi-million dollar construction projects and thousands of homes plus managed thousands of acres of valuable land. BuildThatGreen  promotes durable homes that are healthy for you and the environment.


Tryon, NC


Shelter Ecology, Asheville, NC


Shelter Ecology specializes in a comprehensive approach to healthy home design. Cindy prefers to start working with you at the conceptual stage of your designs. At this point she is best able to educate you and your family on the most budget minded green and healthy options for your new home, according to your family's needs.


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